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The Case

You have joined a task force investigating a wave of cybercrime cases. Recently 23 year old cryptography engineer, Tori Sharpe, has gone missing. The search leads your team to the deepest corners of corporate espionage infiltrating London’s financial district.


How it works

   Multimedia brain teasers
   90 mins - 3 hours game play
   Interactive challenges
   1-6 players per team





   Creative thinking
   Team building

The KINUVA Escape Games have been designed to be a lot of fun and a great social activity for friends and colleagues, but also to be effective ice-breakers, team-building and leadership challenges in a corporate setting.

The KINUVA Escape Games are created by a team with years of experience in business education, crafting experiential and interactive programmes and courses for executives and managers from around the world and across a diverse range of industries and sectors.


About Us

KINUVA is a collaboration of management educators, film makers and education technologists with a vision of creating immersive team experiences.